Thursday, March 29, 2007

Baby Shower

My sister and my friend Kate through a shower for me a couple of weekends ago. They did such a great job! The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, and it was such a good time with friends and family. My sister's friend and neighbor Michelle took some pictures and here are a few from the day : )

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Trusting God

Some of you may have already heard some of the stories Shane and I have shared about our struggle with medical insurance during my pregnancy. I just wanted to let you know how the Lord has provided all the way through even when it seemed like there was nothing we could do. I think that is when God works best, is when we have absolutely no control over a situation. We do what we can, but ultimately it is up to God.

Here is the story of how God worked in this situation in our life:

On September 1st 2006 at about 5:30am I took the test and it was positive. Shane and I were going to have a! We were so excited! That month was the only month that I have ever prayed that I would be pregnant and I was. I knew I was already about 6 weeks along. Well, we were at this time in the process of getting medical insurance. I knew that my insurance at work was going to be canceled because I was only working part time and it would only be good until the end of the month. So I made an appointment with my doctor in Orange County and I saw him at the end of the month. He said everything seemed good and that I needed to get an OB doctor really soon out in Temecula. We needed to wait to get coverage from the insurance Shane and I were applying for, and we knew it was going to happen really soon. So I did my research and found a really good OB doctor who I knew also a few ladies in the area had gone to and said she was great. I was so anxious to see her. On October 6th we got a letter in the mail from Blue Cross saying we will not be recieving coverage from them because of my preganancy. I was devistated. I was pregnant and without insurance. I thought to myself we can't afford this. That night Shane and I got on our knees and prayed. "God please provide." We trust You." That week I applied for Cobra right away through my work. This was an uphill battle getting coverage through Cobra. I applied for it on October 9th and didn't recieve my insurance card to show I had proof of coverage until January 4th. I tried seeing the OB doctor I wanted to see, but every time they looked me up on my insurance it showed up canceled even though with cobra I was covered, nothing had been updated or processed yet. It was pretty frustrating. I did some research on some women clinics in the area and I found one in fallbrook and I was able to get an appointment right away. "Praise God." It was a little getto, but I didn't care I was so excited to finally see an OB doctor. I had all my blood work done and even got to have an ultrasound and Shane and I got to see the baby for the first time. The Lord provided!
That was in November. In the mean time we prayed and waited for the new insurance card to come. Well I recieved my card on the 4th and my appointment to see the OB doctor I wanted to see was on the 5th. I thought, wow that was close. "Praise God." I almost didn't get to see her because I was already 5 months along in my pregnancy and sometimes I guess they won't take you if you are so late...crazy! But again, "Praise God." So everything is good, I have insurance, I am able to see the doctor I want to see...but then March 1st I go to the pharmacy to pick up my prenatal vitamins and I found out there my insurance had been canceled. Once again we are back on our knees again praying..."Lord you provided before we know you will again, we trust you." I applied for Hippa right away which is somthing like cobra. Two weeks after I applied I found out that I had to have had credible coverage for 18 months to be elgible for Hippa...I was shy one month, I had only had coverage for 17. I call Shane right away to share the bummer news. He said he would try to get me on the insurance he got at Biola. I was thinking the health office at his school or is that going to work? Im pregnant. Well I was way wrong. It was legit. He was on a Blue Cross PPO plan and all he needed to do to add me on was my name and birthdate. It also didn't matter that I was pregnant. Since it was a group plan and I was his wife they cannot exclude for pre-existing condintions. Again, "Praise God." This was a roller coaster of a ride, but I am so thankful for going through it. I got the awesome opportunity of experiencing God's complete control in my life and for that I feel so incredibly blessed. Thank you to for all those who were praying for us. We definitely felt your prayers.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Our Family Blog

It is now 4 weeks until my due date and we are getting so excited for our new little edition to our family. Big changes! Shane has a blog, but I thought hey...I have more time on my hands then he does. So I decided to create a family one so I could keep all of you updated with pictures and things that are going on in our life. My sister has a family blog, and it is so cute...she's my inspiration for starting this : ) ENJOY!