Monday, March 31, 2008

A Night of Rock Stars

On Friday night Shane and I went to a rock star themed party. He was Bono from U2 and I was a Beastie Boy. It was so much fun, we played dance-dance revolution, sang many songs on karaoke and even made a music video to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. I got a copy of it and I will post if I can...its pretty funny. This was a great idea and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to through a party. Being home in the evenings now about 90% of the time has made me really come to enjoy and appreciate nights like this :)

Girls Night Out

Last Monday the high school girls and I had a little fun night out. Shane watched Micah while I got to go have some fun with the girls. We went to BJ's for dinner...mmmm so good...we even got the party size pzookie at the end and we asked the waiter to put a candle in it, we thought it would be a good night to celebrate all of our we sang "Happy Birthday to us." I couldn't believe we finished this 16 inch size cookie with a mountain of ice cream on it...and we managed to do it in about 5 minutes. After that we had a little photo shoot outside of BJ's, then went back to Caitie's house for a movie. We watched "Just My Luck" it turned out to be a really cute movie and clean to...a recommend it if you are ever in the mood for a chick flick.
These girls are awesome and so much fun to be with...they make me laugh so much and always bring a smile to my face whenever I am around them. Thanks girls for a wonderful night!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

1st Beach Day of the year

On Monday I went to the beach with my friend Jena, her two boys and two other kids she was watching. I said she was crazy, but she said she just needed to get out. On our way down we had found out that others we knew were going to be down there as well. It was a beauitful, funfilled day with our babies and friends.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


For Easter our families had come out to visit. We all went to church together, then to lunch at Rosa's Tortilla Factory then over to Harveston park. It was such a beautiful day :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Leeland is one of my favorite bands right now and they just came out with a new album, and the lyrics are awesome. The guy who does the lead vocals for the band is a very talented song writer and I can't believe a person as young as he is can write such deep, amazing, convicting truths. Well...I actually can believe it, because its God working. If you have never checked out this band I encourage to take a listen you will not be dissapointed.

I havn't gotten the CD yet but here is one of the songs I thought was pretty amazing. If you click on the link below you can get a little portion it.

Lyrics: Wake Up

The nation lost and dying
Searching for You
Creation waits
Children with the word of God
Written on their hearts
Show love to the world

We need to wake up, wake up
Live like God
Pour out love
We need to wake up, wake up
Live like God
Pour out love

I know it’s sad
That the gift we have
We keep it for ourselves
Most of the time
The world is looking
For a love that’s locked up
Inside these four walls
Break the door down and shine

Our face is set
Our goal is heaven
Jesus, You are the well of love
We’ll pour You out
We’ll pour You out

"Bath Games"


I seriously think my blog is 90% about our child and maybe 10% about other stuff. Its good though because I have to capture these moments some how, and blogging is such an easy way to do it. Its kind of like a scrapbook, only its free, takes way less time and everything is laid out for you. I do love being creative but I am pretty content with the layout and font choices I have on blogger. Plus you can download video which is something I just learned and is super easy to do. It will be so awesome when our kids are at ages where they will want to look back and see what they were like when they were babies, toddlers and who knows, I may still be documenting there lives when they are thirty and married with kids of there own. So those of you who may think my blog is mostly about my child...well, it is and I will continue to do so because scrapbooking for me is out of the question :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

No crawling...

no rolling over, but throwing a ball around...he's got that down.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Free Stuff

Who doesn't love free stuff? Some free things that stoke me are the buy one get one free yogurt coupon for Golden Spoon that comes in my mailer each month, the resturant gift cards we recieved at Christmas, even the baby formula my doctor gives me when I visit. This morning I even found 10$ in the bushes on my walk.

Yesterday though, this was a total God thing. Lately I have been talking to Shane about wanting some kind of bike trailer...the wheather has been perfect for riding bikes, and I know Micah would love it to. On Monday Shane checked one out at Play it Again Sports and it was a whopping 200 bucks! Well yesterday I went to the thrift store to drop off some old clothes we wanted to get rid of and right by the trailer I see this great looking bike trailer. I am thinking no way someone dropped this off recently and doesn't want it anymore. My eyes were fixed on it as I was walking up to the man that was recieving the goods. I told him me the story of the 200 dollar one, and he said are you serious? Take it! I was so happy I could fit it in my car.

Last night we enjoyed a nice family bike ride after dinner :)
What are some free things you have gotten?