Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"America is Sick"

I cant' believe what I just saw on Oprah today. The topic they were discussing was open marriage which I had know idea is a common thing in America. They had a couple on there sharing about how the husband was completely fine with the wife having a boyfriend. He said, "she just has more love to give." Is that bogus or what? Oprah stated, which kind of upset me, she said "well at least the wife isn't being dishonest or betraying her husband." What is that, so I guess it makes it alright then? Oprah said she just wanted to have an open mind about it. She also said, "Aren't you glad you live in America?" Yea, a country that is free to live by the idea of if it feels good for me then it must be right.
It just makes me so upset how they distort these sick behaviors to make it sound like what there doing is ok and not sin. God made rules for a reason. He loves us and whats to protect us. Its crazy to think that many people in America live without the consciencenous of God in there life. I couldn't even imagine not having someone so much bigger then I, who knows all and created me, to direct and guide my life. I am so thankful for the authority of Christ in my life. I am also thankful that God does have the authority in the souls of at least some men and women in America. I would be scared to see if he wasn't. Still though...America is sick and in desperate need of Jesus.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I have found a solution!

A couple of months ago a friend from church showed me this bumbo seat she puts her baby in to help him sit up. As long as they have a strong neck the bumbo can support the baby in the upright sitting position. The past couple of months all Micah wants to do is to sit up. He hates being reclined when he is awake. In a previous post I wrote about how he hated the stroller and I'm thinking its because he is unable to sit up. I purchased this Bumbo about a week ago and I am so happy I did. I put it in the stoller and I think this week we he have taken about 10 walks. I love it...and even more he loves it. He's up and looking at everything...its awesome! Its great for feeding time to. Micah went to the doctor this week and he is almost 17lbs. The doctor said it was time to start sumplementing with food, so we began that new little adventure this week to. Its been interesting...he is not too much into the rice cereal, I'm tempted to spice it up with some sugar. Anyways, praise God for the Bumbo!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trees, breeze, finger sucking, napping...what could be better?

This afternoon Micah and I went outside and enjoyed the amazing weather. I got a towel and we laid down watching the trees blow in the wind. I love where we live. You know how somedays you just feel so blessed to be exactly where you are at, at that exact moment. Thats how I felt this afternoon with Micah, being outside with him and just watching him look at the trees while sucking on his fingers. I took advantage of his contentment and took a little catnap for myself. Anyways, I just wanted to share apart of my day with you that I really enjoyed :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

4 1/2 months

Here he is...the boy I get to be with everyday and watch grow :)
These are some things that Micah can do:
laugh with a little sound
drool (I think maybe a gallon a day)
hold a toy for a few minutes and explore it with his mouth
observe his surroundings
loves to be outside (if he is fussy we take him outside)
sucks on his thumb and fingers
gets super excited to see me in the morning
extends his elbows and locks them when he is on his belly to hold himself up
Yea...its great. When they are first born it is basically crying, pooping and sleeping. All of a sudden he is blossoming into this little human being that is active and responsive. Its a lot of fun :)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ice Cream

I love ice cream. I just ate a bowl and I was sitting here trying to think of something to write about, and I couldn't stop thinking about how good my ice cream was. Ever since I can remember ice cream has been my favorite treat to eat at night. There is rarely a night I don't crave it. I love it when it is is partially melted, for some reason it makes it even richer and creamier. Shanes not into the melted ice cream, he always leaves it in his bowl. He'll probably think I'm wierd for noticing such a meaningless thing. But oh well, I love ice cream. Well, since ice cream is very high in fat, sugar, sat fat...you know all the bad stuff, I try to find something that is light and satifying. I have purchased many different kinds of lite and I have found nothing that can compare to the real deal, until now. If any of you are ice cream fanatics like I am you will for sure appreciate this information I am about to reveal to you. It is only 100 calories per serving compared to the 180 with the regular stuff and 1/2 the fat. It may not be the most exciting flavor but it does taste like the real thing at it is very satisfying. It is "Dreyers Double Churned Vanilla Bean Lite ice cream." I can eat my ice cream now, and not feel one bit of guilt. I am free to enjoy every bit of that rich and creamy desert :)

Monday, September 3, 2007

"Must see Movie"

Last night Shane and I borrowed a movie from some friends to watch. I have been wanting to see it, but I didn't have any idea of how good it would be. It was called, Freedom Writers and it starred Hilary Swank. It was about a high school English teacher who took on a class of students that lived in the projects in Long Beach. Most of them were involved in the gang life style and grew up in crazy rough family situations. She wanted so badly to get through to them and reach them in any way she could. Watching it I thought...she's crazy, this cute little preppy teacher getting through to these hard core, gangster teens...no way! She does though, and it is great how she does it. She sacrafices a ton to do it, and eventually gains there respect. This awesome change happens in their lives and it is so cool to see their lives transform and the way they view the world. I love it! It kind of reminded me of what Christ does with us. The minute we accept Him into our lives, He begins to change us and how we think. Before, all we knew was the life of sin...we didn't know any better. But when Christ comes in He puts our sin to death on the cross and we are set free from that life, and no longer have to live under that power any longer. We are free to know God and understand the things about Him. It's awesome!

Well anyways, I highly reccomend this movie...it's a tear jerker, so you might want to get out the kleenex.