Friday, August 29, 2008

He's got skills

Today I walked into Micah's room to get him from his nap and he somehow managed to pull his shirt over his head. I had to take a picture...I wonder what he'll do next?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Festival of Arts

The other night Micah and I went with Grandma Terrie to the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach. They tried on some bareas little artist :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008


This week we went camping up at Carpinteria which is about 15 minutes south of Santa Barbara. My sister got a group site and invited about 12 families. It was such a great time...I never new camping could be so much fun. We spent long hours on the beach, road bikes, ate lots of yummy food, watched boys play light sabers, celebrated birthdays, and thanks to Gina we had some hilarious times around the camp fire. It was so awesome, we can't wait to camp again...thanks jen for inviting us :)

I thinks there were a total of like 20 light sabers on camp...guess what we're getting for Micah?
On Thursday we celebrated Shane's Birthday and as most of you know Shane is an ice cream man. About 25 of us road our bikes to Rainbow ice cream in town to celebrate. We were crowded in the tiny ice cream palor all singin Happy Birthday to my you Honey, Happy 28th!

Tanner John is so special and takes such great care of Micah...we love you TJ!
Shane is out there catching some fish for dinner :)

Micah and Gigi

On the last night we celebrated Hayden's 4th Birthday. We had some cake and a pinata. We love you Hayden and your mommy is right you make everyone smile...Happy Birthday!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thanks Jenni :)

Yesterday I was desperate for ideas to entertain Micah. I was talking to my sister and she had suggested to fill up a bucket of water, bring out some toys and let him play in the water. He loved it...we were outside for almost an hour. He liked the hose the best and I set it on low and he couldn't put the thing down. We will be doing this again for sure...Thanks Jenni!

If anyone has any other ideas on how to entertain a 15 month old I would be glad to take any suggestions :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

San Juan Capistrano

Shane and I got away with our friends Shaina and Jason last week to a bed in breakfast in SJC. It was awesome...when we go on vacation I love to keep busy with activities and boy did we. It was a blast and I actually felt a little exhausted when I came back. Some of my favorite activities were riding the 4 seater at Newport Beach, bowling, seeing the good! playing dice and cards while snacking on candy and chips and salsa. I had some down time with a great book in the hammock next to our room. It was one of the best times away I've had. The food was so good every night, but we ate so much the whole trip I don't ever really remember being didn't matter though we still ate fancy dinners and had desert. Thanks Shaina and Jason for sharing this awesome vacation with us :)

The Creek

This is our beach here in Temecula. It is the creek near our church and it is great for families. You can hike through the creek, chill on the little beach or in the water, build sand casltles and plus its so beautiful...I love it!!!

Sweet!!! The Dugout Suite

Last week Shane and I got to go with my brother in law Seth who had tickets for the dugout suite for the Angels. Along with us was my dad and nephew Tanner. My sister and mom were so gracious to watch Micah so I could go. I could have never imagined watching a game from this view. We were just feet from the players and the food amazing. All you can eat buffet with drinks and then a dessert cart and I had my favroite..Carrot cake! This was the fastest baseball game I have ever been to....Thanks Seth for invitng us and thanks mom and Jenni for watching Micah :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Birthdays, Boys and Barrela

On Saturday my friend Shaina and I had a day of pampering. We went to lunch, then she treated me to a spa pedicure for my birthday then afterwards we got massages at massage was amazing!!!

Here are our beautiful french manicures :)

In the evening we all went out to dinner to Islands and then we saw Dark good!!!
And the free birthday mocha mud pie was also so good!!!

On Friday I came out to celebrate with my sister on her mom took us all out for lunch at Bagel Me in the circle. Micah and the boys were so excited to see eachother. A couple things happened that made me see even more how great these boys are. Tanner came up to my sister with a busted lip and Tanner did'nt want to say what happened because he didn't want to tell on Micah. In a low murmer he said "it didn't hurt" it was the cutest thing. Then at lunch Isaiah gave micah this really yummy apple sauce. Isaiah totally liked it and I had a motts one for Micah but Isaiah wanted him to have the good stuff. You boys are great...we love you!

Friday evening my mom, Micah and I went down to the fair to see my dads band play....we did a few things before the show started.

My dad has played in the band Barrela for over ten years and on Friday night they gave a great show. They played Chicago, Earth Wind in Fire and many other great songs that I love to dance to. Awesome show dad!!!