Friday, November 21, 2008

I've been tagged

My sister Jenni tagged me forever ago to write 7 random things about here I go :)

1. 1-4 is one of my favorite times of the day. I adore being home with my little man all day but his nap from 1-4 is like gold. It's a time to rest, get the to do things done, catch up on emails, read, and get refreshed in the Lord. Right now I am going through Acts and it is awesome to see how eager the early church was to preach the gospel, which leads to the next thing.

2. I want to share the gospel much more then I do. It is the most important news we should be sharing. Many of us I think get afraid to share it because we may get the wrong impression and think its a message of condemnation and judgement? So we may think it might turn people off, when really its a message of hope and salvation, and living forever with God. If we are believers in Christ Jesus we need to be just as eager as the early church to get this message out :)

3. On a lighter note, I love surprises!
Before Shane and I were married he would surprise me at least a couple times a month with something. Whether it be a cool date, flowers or a simple note on my car. He still does occassionally, and it brings a huge smile to my face...I love you honey :)

4. When I was a little girl I was pretty much a boy in a little girls body. I hated dresses and dolls and I remember my sister would like to dress me up and do my hair and I hated it. It wasn't until junior high I wore a dress...thats when I think I embraced being a girl and accepted it. I still have a little bit of that tom boy in me. I prefer playing some kind of physical sport much more then shopping or sitting around and talking.

5. I just recently really started to love reading. I never read novels before, until this summer. My friend Shaina lended me a great novel called, "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. It is a modern day version of the book of Hosea. It is about a man who persues the love of a prostitute, and shows her unconditional love. It was such a great book I went on to read another. Thanks to my friend I have now become a reader and I am enjoying it so much...Thanks Shaina!

6. 75% of my television watching is the food network. I love food, and I love watching these entertaining chefs make such deliscious meals. Sometimes I wish I could stick my fork in the TV and have a bite of that yummy beautiful meal. Especially Paula Dean, her dishes make my mouth water...why do I do that to myself?

7. I am a total art geek. I sometimes watch utube videos of people painting and try to pick up different techniques and tips on oil painting. There are also two artist blogs that I check out daily to see their daily painting. One is Duane Kieser and the other Abbey Ryan. They both have similar styles and paint everyday objects...such as a spool of thread, a cracked egg or a lolipop. I love that they can make such simple things look so beautiful. I have been inspired by them and I have painted a PB&J, a blueberry muffin and some sea shells. Next I think I might want to try some Hot Wheel cars and put the paintings up in Micah's room.

Well thanks for enduring this list of my 7 random things...ok so I am going to tag: Shaina, Kim, Adam, Erin, Emily K., Katelyn S., and Katy L. to write 7 random things about yourself :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our new home

In a few weeks we will be the owners of this house. For the past ten months we have been on the hunt for a house and after many turn down offers and rejections we finally got a yes...this is the home that was meant for us :) We are so excited to own a home and have it be ours. I have already visited Home Depot and Lowes to pick out colors for the rooms and bathrooms that need to be painted, I can't wait...I love color and I am thrilled to make it our own. The home is about 2300 sq ft, and has 5bed and 3baths. It's also at the end of a cul-de-sac which makes it great for kids to play and another plus is that there are no neighbors behind us. Right next door is a family in the church who has a daughter in the youth group. Her reaction was funny when Shane told her he was going to be her neighbor. They also have two little lab dogs that are super cute and Micah just adores :) Thank you Lord for providing the opportunity for us to own a home...You are so good!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

10k Race

In September some ladies and I from our church got together to run a 10k race in El Monte. We were suppose to do a 5k but we did the 10k instead. We all finished and enjoyed a delicious meal at In-n-Out afterwards :)