Wednesday, November 28, 2007

7 Months

I can't believe it has been 7 months...I'll probably be saying the same thing at 8,9,10,11 months and well most likely his whole life. Until he gets married...because I don't think his wife would like me to do that :) He is grunting a ton like a boy should...putting everything he touches right into the mouth...loves all food but peas...he has the most adorable laugh and smile I have ever seen...I am amazed daily at this little guy...Thank you Lord for giving us Micah!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


We spent Thanksgiving this year with the DiLisi side of the family. My parents were heading out to Arizona, so I asked if we could stay at there house so we could visit with Shane's family for a few days. On Wednesday night Shane's parents took us all out to the Market Broiler for was delicious! In the above pics is Micah's aunt shannon and grandma
DiLisi. Shannon, her husband Jonathan and there dog Jebba drove all the way out from Colorado for Thanksgiving. I am so happy they did...Shane and I really enjoy spending time with them. Here are some pics of some family time...we've got uncle Vinney to the bottom right relaxing after the brother in law Jonathan and Shane's grandpa Ken to the bottom left...and on the top middle we have Shane's cousin Brennan and Dad tearing it up on the best video game ever invented "Guitar Hero." I think I still have some of those songs in my head...the easiest song to learn and this is horrible but it was Motley Crue "Shout at the Devil" since we had a lot of first timers this song was probably played at least 20 times. It was pretty hilarious...anyways my favorite one was rocking out to Guns in Roses " O Sweet Child of Mine" with Shannon...we teard it up. Shane was a pro right away...his favorite was this surf instrumental called "Jessica"...when he wasn't playing he would be whistling the was cute :) The food was great to, but what was most enjoyable was the time with the family. Thank you Lord for these precious times with the family.

On Friday before we headed back home we met up for lunch with Shane's parents at one of my favorite restaurants in old town Orange...Jalapenos. It was so cute...Micah was getting tired, so grandpa rocked him in his arms to sleep. That was the end of our visit :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What I am thankful for...

#1 Jesus Christ who has given me the most amazing gift in the world of knowing God my savior, creator, redeemer, friend, master, father, counsler, my king and my Lord. Thank you!
#2 My very loving husband Shane, thank you Lord so much for a man who loves you and seeks you first. Thank you for bringing a man into my life that I love and admire so much!
#3 My baby boy Micah...the Lord has blessed me with a joy that I have never known before...I am so thankful for motherhood.
#4 My mom and dad who raised me, love me, and who continue to be there for me in my life...thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do.
#5 My sister and her family...what an awesome gift of family I have been blessed with...thank you Lord!
#6 My Aunt Sissy who has shown so much love for me since the day I was born...I will be missing her this Thanksgiving :(
#7 My friends in the O.C. and the I.E...the listening ear, fun-times, encouragement, support and love...what a blessing they are to my life
#8 My church family at RBC
#9 The highschool girls at RBC, what a joy it is to spend time with them.
#10 CBS bible study
#11 MOPS
#12 Our beautiful home that kind of looks like we are out in the country
#13 Micah's smiles
#14 My nephews who are so creative and funny
#15 My job where I get paid to do art...the Lord has blessed me with such an amazing boss who is my friend and partner...she also taught me a ton about painting and for her I am so thankful!
#16 Painting
#17 Running, walking...I am so thankful for my legs
#18 The Bible...this really should be at the top of the list
#19 Ice is the best desert in the world...I surrender to it all the time! If I die early because of too much ice cream in my will be worth it
#20 Lazy days at home with my hubby and Micah

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Jedi Knights, Gold Fish and Apple Pie

This year our church had a Harvest Festival and my two favorite boys were Jedi Knights. Arn't they handsome :) The night was a lot of fun. Shane had a booth set up to win a goldfish and I got to be a judge for the pies. It was great...I got to taste 11 different pies and pick my top 3...I think this was the highlight of my week. My friend Charlotte won...she had made the best apple pie I had ever eaten...and since she's my friend Im sure I can get the recipe :) Anyways...I hope you all had a fun Halloween!