Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Micah Update

It is so much fun having this little guy in our life. He is growing so fast, and we are learning so much about him everyday. What an amazing
gift God has given us. Here are some recent pictures of him this month. He is getting chubby and we love it, cause that means he is eating good : )

Shane being a youth pastor we had a few graduation parties to go to. We had two to go to last Saturday so I decided to dress up Micah in a button up colard pooh outfit...isn't he handsome :)Watch out ladies!!

Shane just recently put the jogger stroller together and Micah and I love it. As you can see the first picture he is not to happy, but once we start going Micah is a happy camper. This boy loves to move...so every morning I take him for a good long walk that we both enjoy.

Here is auntie Char helping Micah get the gas out. What you do is pull up the legs to the tummy and it pushes that awful gas out that is hurting Micah's tummy. This brings him great relief :)Thanks auntie Char, love Micah

John Mayer Concert

On Sunday June 10th, Shane and I, along with
my sister Jenni and brother in law Seth went to the John Mayer concert at the Hollywood Bowl. It was amazing...John Mayer is so talented and I enjoy his music so much!! We brought in food to have a little picnic before...the food wasn't great, but the time with shane and family and seeing John Mayer was awesome. If you want to hear my food story read on:

We got take out from Togo's...sounds good huh? Thats what I thought at first. Shane and I as we walk in see this advertisement for these wraps. They looked so good and it was exactly what I had felt like. Shane makes his order and the guy who I think was new took like 10 minutes to make it. I was thinking in my head if this guy makes my order I know he will get it wrong...well I give him my order and just hope he makes it the way I would like. We get to the picnic benches at the hollywood bowl and I see Shane open up his wrap and its not cut in half, the thing is heavy and leaking everywhere. I told Shane I was sorry and I know he doesn't like messy things...so here I am feeling bad for Shane. Well I open mine and the same thing, but even worse they forgot to put the chicken in my chicken wrap. I don't know why but I was pretty upset...I think because I was really hungry and pretty excited to try the knew wrap from Togo's. I got over it, but I want to apologize to Shane and my family for my complaining. Its so wierd how the most petty things can get to us, but next time I know to check out my order before I leave...lesson learned :)