Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Amazing Husband!

I was pretty excited about Mother's Day this year...I made it just in time. Well on Mother's Day Shane said Happy Mother's day to me and started to give me a little back rub. I said that's what I need, and he responded thats what I got you. I said a real one, at a massage place. So on Monday I enjoyed an awesome afternoon at the Murietta Day Spa getting an 80 minute full body. It was heaven:) Being pregnant took a toll on my body and all I could think about was laying on my tummy again and getting a massage. Shane took Micah that afternoon while I enjoyed a massage at the spa. Thanks Honey!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Power of the Peanut Shell!

The Peanut Shell is a spin off of the wraps that have been used many years to hold the newborn or infant close and tightly to the mothers body. I love this thing! Micah has gas pains after every feeding and it has been hard getting our boy to sleep. If we did nothing he would cry with pain all the way to the next feeding. Thankfully there is gas relief medicine, the pacifier and most importantly a new discovery I've found, the peanut shell. It has now become a ritual after every feeding to put him in this wrap and walk around with him. My hands are free, so I am able to do laundry, eat lunch and comfort Micah all at the same time. He is usually out within 15 minutes where before it could take up to two hours to comfort him to sleep. The peanut shell is gold!

I Love my Nana and Papa

Micah's World

Micah at 3 Weeks

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It's a Boy!

Micah John DiLisi
Born 4/29/07 at 12:29pm
7lb 3oz 19 in

So happy he is finally here!
Aunt Jenni and Uncle Seth

Grandma and Grandpa DiLisi

Friends come to visit baby Micah

Micah's first day at home