Sunday, July 8, 2007

The 4th of July

Every year my sister has a 4th of July block party on her street in old town. We BBQ brautwurst, cook up smores, the kids enjoy the water slide bounce house and sparklers, then in the evening we set off some fireworks. It was fun this year with Micah celebrating his first 4th! I know he won't remember much but it will be fun to bring out the old pics of his 1st 4th when he is older, and still then because he is a boy probably won't care...but I'm his mom, and I will make a big deal about every event that happens in his life :)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Micah's Aunties

Micah has two amazing aunts. Jenni who lives in old town Orange with her wife Seth and has three boys of her own. And another who lives in beautiful Longmont Colorado with her husband Jonathan. Just recently Auntie Shannon came down for her cousins wedding and Micah got to have some sweet time with her. On the 4th, aunt Jenni had a 4th of July block party and Micah got to take a little snooze in her arms. Micah loves his Aunties! He is a lucky boy!

Shane's First Wedding

On Friday June 22nd Shane had the honor and the privledge of conducting the marriage ceremony of his cousin Tara. It was a special day and Shane made it very special and personal for Tara and Danny. Family and friends couldn't believe it had been his first wedding. It was also a cool opportunity for him to share about God and his purpose for marriage. It was a beautiful day!